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Hiccup woke up the next morning and didn't want to rise. It would mean having to search for Toothless again.

Finally, the longing for toothless won, and he opened his eyes. Sitting up he was greeted by very familiar toxic green eyes.

     "T-Toothless!" he exclaimed "It wasn't a dream!"

After a split second of hesitation, Hiccup reared up and threw his arms around the dragon. Toothless lifted his paw and returned his boys hug.

     "Come on. Let's go home" Hiccup beamed

Toothless nodded in agreement and crouched down so hiccup could climb onto his back. They took off immediately, and Hiccup closed his eyes, nuzzling close to the dragon. A part of Toothless was happy happy Hiccup had made him a new tail. The other, not so much.

He missed the bond he had shared with the human. They were still closer than anyone else was with their dragons, but the bond was slipping away. And that was precisely why he landed beside Hiccup's home and ambled away. He wanted to show Hiccup, not tell him.

Hiccup was silent as Toothless dropped their old riding gear at his feet.

     "What?" he chuckled "Toothless we don't need that anymore"

Toothless snorted and nudged it closer


     "Why on earth-"

Toothless stepped forward and nuzzled into his riders chest. Hiccups arms immediately wrapped around the dragon to scratch his neck gently.

     -I miss you. I want to be a team- Toothless said softly, moving away from the teen

Hiccup stared in silence before grinning hugely at the dragon.

     "Toothless, buddy" Hiccup stepped closer to the dragon "We'll always be a team. Do you really want to give up your own flight just for me?"

Toothless instantly nodded

     -Of course I would. I would give up anything for you-

Hiccup's cheeks turned a vibrant shade of pink as he hurried back to remove the new tail. Soon enough the duo was all set up, and per Toothless' request Hiccup was seated on his back as they strolled through the village.

Soon enough a crowd had gathered, shouting joyful questions at him. One rang out, silencing the crowd.

     "How did you find him?"

     "I didn't" Hiccup paused briefly "He found me"

Toothless purred softly

     -Untrue. You found me-

     "Or rather, we found each other" Hiccup chuckled

     -Much better-

     -I'm glad you approve, mister picky- Hiccup snickered

Toothless purred louder in response. Hiccup chuckled

     -Want to go flying?-

     -I thought you'd never ask- the dragon replied, and with the click of a heel and the flap of wings they were off, soaring through the air.

     -Hiccup?- Toothless asked after a while

     "What's wrong buddy?" he asked softly

     -Can I take you somewhere special? It's a place only I know-

     "Of course"

Toothless beamed and immediately changed directions.
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Diamondlombax Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Chapter three. Chapter three!
PhineasFlynns Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Student General Artist
I'll try my best ^^ I had this all written down on paper somewhere so I just have to find it ^^'
Diamondlombax Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
LOVE-VINANDZERO Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013   Artist
chapter 3 now plz!!!!!
PhineasFlynns Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Student General Artist
:giggle: I'll write it asap :)
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