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Perry panted heavily, his hand over his heart as he leaned against the wall. His skin under his fur was beet red and he swallowed heavily.

     "Oh god" he breathed "Oh god. Oh lord. What have I done?"

The platypus put his head in his hands as he leaned against the wall, and he heard the bedroom door open beside him. Phineas walked out and looked down at the platypus

     "I thought I heard you out here" he smiled softly, taking a seat beside his pet "What's wrong?"

Perry offered no verbal response, instead he looked up at Phineas with wide and pitiful brown eyes as he held out his arms. Phineas frowned, worry filling his sapphire eyes as he gently reached over and picked up the platypus.

He rested the platypus on his bloated stomach as he hugged him and pressed a gentle kiss to the top of his head

     "What's wrong?" he asked again

     "I- Well... What I mean is..." he looked up at Phineas and sighed heavily "I kissed Heinz"

Phineas' eyes widened at this unexpected bit of information

     "Y-you kissed him?" Perry nodded "Does Ferb need to go murder him?"

Perry couldn't help the small chuckle that passed his lips

     "Thank you, but no thank you" he paused as he nuzzled closer to Phineas, wrapping his small arms around the teenager "I just have absolutely no idea what to do"

Phineas chuckled

     "You should go talk to him" he looked down at the monotreme "Perry, do you regret it?"


     "Then, you should go down there and tell him you don't regret it, and you just want to take it slow"

Perry nodded slowly

     "Okay... I will. Thank you, Phineas"

     "Any time Perry" he smiled


Thank 'Doofapus' for this xD

As soon as I saw it I was like MUST. WRITE. PERRYSHMIRTZ.
BrokeSpirits Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student Writer
Thats so cute :O
PhineasFlynns Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student General Artist
:giggle: ty ^^
BrokeSpirits Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student Writer
np :)
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