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Tornado. Tornado. Tornado? What? There was never tornados!

"Are you sure?!" she exclaimed

"Yes! Let's go!" he tugged on her wrist, practically dragging her down the stairs

"Wait" she yanked her wrist free "Where's Arnold!?"

Gerald opened his mouth to reply when a huge tree trunk came slamming down in between them.

"Gerald!" she screamed "Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine!" he yelled back "I'm going to find a way to get you out of there! Find Arnold!"


The blonde girl approached the stairs slowly, walking up and jumping as a telephone pole speared through the house right in front of her, just before she could move. Her eyes widened and she climbed over it, bolting up the stairs.

"Arnold!?" she screamed

"Helga!" he called back

She whirled around and her eyes widened, seeing that a large chunk of his room had been gouged out, by what she didn't know. She ran over, rain whipping her face and the wind blowing her hair around erratically.

She peeked over the edge and Arnold was hanging off the edge by a single hand

"Football head!" she exclaimed "Give me your hand!"

"I can't!" he called back

"What? What do you mean you cant!"

"It's dislocated!" he called back "I can't move it!"

Helga panicked as she looked around, wiping the torrents of water off of her face and flinging her hair off her face as she grabbed a rope. She tied it to the door and then around her waist. Without a seconds hesitation she leapt off the side of the building.

"Helga what are you doing!?" he exclaimed

"Rescuing you, football head!" she swung around and grasped him firmly aorund the waist. They swung forward, and she reached up and cut the rope. They went flying and she put herself between Arnold and the ground.

They ended up hitting a bed and she scrambled up and grabbed him

"Are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine" he stuttered

"Good" she grabbed his hand and lead him out the door, only to come face to face with the log "Gerald!" she yelled

"Helga I can't find anything! You need to find a new way out!"


She turned on her heel and lead Arnold another way, only to have a tree trunk fall through the house with a mighty groan, and cut off their path.

Before she could panic though, Arnold spoke

"Follow me" he called to her over the howling wind, grabbing her hand and leading her through the last unblocked corridor. Telephone poles smashed through the house behind them, rendering that hallways useless as well.

They ended up in the kitchen, the windows in the room all shattered to pieces. He stopped for a moment before leading her to the largest window in the room

"If we climb through here we can make it" he yelled over the wind

"Okay, go!"

"No you go" he yelled back


"Helga" he interrupted her, eyes on fire "The only way I'm going through that window is if you're in front of me, so I can make sure nothing happens to you"

She stared at him in silence before nodding and practically leaping out the window.

Arnold was quick to follow and they ran frantically through his yard to the shelter. Gerald was waiting with the door open, and beconed them eagerly when he saw them. His expression turned panicked

"DUCK!" he screamed before slamming the door shut

Without a second though both dropped to the ground in time to have a car fly over their heads where they had just been standing. It was flung across the yard, rolling to a stop a few feet away from the shelter. Gerald opened the door once again and they scrambled to their feet and made a mad dash for it. They dove in and gerald slammed it shut, closing the zillion locks and sighing in relief.

"Thank god" he cried, throwing his arms around the two of them

Helga was silent and took Arnold to the back of the shelter, grabbing the first aid kit.

"This may hurt" she whispered before grabbing his arm and pushing, rotating it a bit as well. He yelped in pain, and stiffened, another yelp of pain escaping his lips as a loud click echoed around the room.

She quickly bandaged his arm and a crash of thunder sent her leaping into his arms.

He held her close and she snuggled into his embrace

"You were very brave" she told him softly

He chuckled

"Not as brave as you"

He leaned them back against the wall and pulled a blanket over them while Gerald turned on the radio. Grandpa and Grandma were out of town thank god, as well were the rest of the occupants of the house.

Helga leaned up and gently kissed his cheek

"Thank you for earlier"

"not a problem" he replied softly

Gerald came over and took a seat on the other side of Arnold, and the blonde tossed some of the blanket over his friend. All three then snuggled together, ready to wait out the storm together.
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